Two-factor authentication system AUTH.AS

In a modern world information itself becomes one of the most valuable resource. That brings more demands to the data and access control security. Most of the modern systems and applications allows access to its data and work with this data from outside. This can produce data leaks, by stealing users accounts. To make the data access secure, some new methods must be used. Nowadays, the second authentication factor is the most simple and easy solution in everyday use. With all its simplicity, it provides a decent security level. What is the second factor? Everybody knows the meaning of a Username and a Password - it is a user login data, used to access an Internet bank, a production system or to a mailbox. This is the first authentication factor, and everybody concerns, that these data will be exposed to outsiders.

Second factor is the extra password – it can be:

  • SMS messages, which can be intercepted or miss the recipient, and also cost extra money;
  • Scratch cards with one-time passwords, usually scratched by the user at once and all passwords are stored as the open text. It’s also an extra cost to issue these cards and delivery to the end-user is quite complicated.

Also, a variety of physical keys, certificate-storage tokens and session calculators can be used as the second factor - they are more reliable, but pretty much inconvenient in use and not free at all. Biometric authentication systems are reliable, but very expensive, not easy to use and, most importantly, not commonly used. & nbsp;

What do we offer?

We offer to use one-time passwords as the second authentication factor. Imagine the password, issued for a very short period of time, and known only by the server and the user only.

Main features of AUTH.AS system:

  • It makes second password interception meaningless - it’s not only valid for a very short period of time, but also loses its validity after the first usage.
  • It makes easy for the user to generate and use second factor passwords - we have developed the convenient, nice-looking, intuitive and free mobile application (available in Apple AppStore, Google PlayMarket, soon in Windows Market Place).
  • Easy, intuitive and reliable application set up, user doesn’t required to have any in-depth knowledge. Set up can be done in the couple of clicks, and application is ready to use.
  • We support hardware tokens, such as HID, SafeNet, Feitian and others, if needed.
  • We support White-labeling – any necessary application branding is possible.

The user is our everything! User problems are ours to solve - we used this approach when develop our system. Our priorities are still remains. We focus on those key principles:

  • Reliability - the system doesn’t have any single fail point, each system node is equal to the others and can be replaced at any moment. Data is being replicated and stored on different 3 nodes, which can be physically quite far away from each other.
  • Scalability - the system was built to allow easy and simple growth - we just add another unified node to the system cluster, and the performance is predictably and linearly increases, if “N+2” rule was followed without exceptions.
  • Security – the system supports these access features: mandatory access, OS and applications event logging, event logs redirection to remote systems, white access lists to the system and its API, and a lot of other features.
  • Convenient - simple and intuitive admin interfaces, allowing to perform any action with two clicks. The time is money, isn’t it? No client software, which can operate different on a different OS – just a browser, working the same way in a different environment.

Download a full Marketing overview on Russian in PDF format.