User agreement


1. Common statements


1.1. This Agreement is composed on Russian, regulated and interpreted in accordance with the law of Russian Federation.

1.2. This Agreement LLC "RCNTEC" (hereinafter - the Company) proposes to operate a two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS Placed in the information and telecommunication network "Internet" (hereinafter - the Internet), the Internet user (hereinafter - user), including website authorization means communications, search, placement and storage of various kinds of information and materials (content), content personalization, available at this hyperlink (hereinafter - Service), the right holder or the licensee which is a company.

1.3. User acceptance of this Agreement takes place without exclusions, annotations and exceptions, through the conclusive actions, aimed to obtain data using the Service, unless otherwise specified below, or - separately on the Service web pages. Using the Service by any means, User accepts this Agreement entirely, without stipulations or exceptions. The user must immediately stop using the Service, in case of any disagreement with the terms of the Agreement.

1.4. The Company doesn’t grant the user any additional rights, any rights of the Service technology or other services, provided by the Service, except for the rights, clearly provided in this Agreement.

1.5. The Service is provided for the User as a free of charge software, exclusively designed for personal, non-commercial worldwide usage. In specific cases, the Service usage requires a fee, in accordance with goals of services, items and projects, under the terms of agreements between the Company and User. In case of the commercial usage of the Service, fees and rates are available at

1.6. This Agreement is a legal contract, acts as joining contract between the User and the Company, defines the general conditions of obligatory relations, which can be specified, based on this Agreement.

1.7. Relations, associated with data protection and security, related to the personal data category, are regulated in accordance with the Confidential Policy, available at


2. Statements, warranties and limitations


2.1. The Company states, that:

  • It has the legal right and authority to enter into this Agreement and perform its obligations without violating effective laws, regulations and third party rights;
  • The Service is protected by intellectual property laws and treaties. Thus, this Service can use a third-party software and other intellectual property. The Company has all necessary rights in relation to the Service within such third party software or such facilities;
  • Any kind of a reference to any website, product, service, or any other data, of commercial or non-commercial nature, published on the Service, is not an approval or recommendation of these products (services, activities) by the Company, except when it is clearly stated by the Company;

2.2. The Service guarantees

2.2.1. The Service is provided on "as is" and "as available" basis, the user uses the service and related third party services at his own risk. The Company does not guarantee and hereby rejects any other expressed warranties, including fitness of the Service to any of the user’s needs, not specified in this Agreement.

2.2.2. The User can use any data and / or materials, obtained with the Service, at his own risk, and is solely responsible for any possible consequences caused by that data and / or materials, including the damage, that it can cause the User’s PC or to third parties for a loss of data or any other damage.

2.2.3. The Company is not responsible for any kind of loss, caused by the Service usage or its parts/functions.

2.3. Limitations and prohibitions

2.3.1. The User can not sell, lease or rent in any form, by any means provided under the Agreement, the Service and / or content, including, but not limited, to the following: all algorithms, programs, routines, utilities, modules, file structure, logic algorithms, logic diagrams, working flowcharts, software, forms, code, printouts of source code, functional descriptions, specifications and all other materials and documents, which are both: visually displayed and in electronic form, except the case of the relevant agreement with the rights holders.

2.3.2. It’s not allowed to use the Service in a way, that might damage its usage by other users, cause harm to others or to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, accounts or networks.

2.3.3. User is prohibited:

  • to use the Service violating the law, with illegal purposes or with any other purpose, not intended by the Service;
  • to do the reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble, modify, transform or create clones of the Service or its individual parts;
  • to delete, change or hide any Company’s copyright or ownership warnings or messages;
  • to use the Service on a commercial basis;
  • to uncover or transfer User credentials and / or other users’ data (if available) to third parties.

3. User sign-up procedure. User account.


3.1. In order to use the Service, User must complete the registration procedure, when done, the user will be assigned with new unique account.

3.2. To proceed with registration, the User provides proof and complete personal data, as prompted in the registration form, and keeps this data up to date. When false user data was submitted or the Company has a reason to believe, that the user data is false, the Company has the right to suspend or delete the User's account and prohibit the Service (or their individual functions) for that user.

3.3. The Company reserves the right to require the user to confirm his personal data, specified in the registration form, at any moment, and to require documentary proof of these data. If such documents are not provided, as well as the documentary data differs from ones, specified in account registration form, consequences, provided in p 3.2 of the Agreement might occur.

3.4. Means to access the user account.

3.4.1. During the registration procedure, the user assigns himself with a login, matches with the user's email address (a unique symbolic name of User's account) and password, to access the account.

3.4.2. After successful registration, the user has the ability to use alternative authentication method to access his account, by using it next to the regular password. This kind of access is provided by two-factor authentication settings in the Account Management User Interface of the Service.

3.5. The user is solely responsible for the safety measures of access to the account, as well as for securing them by own means. The user is solely responsible for all activities under the User's account, including cases, when the user hands over the account data to third parties, on a good will.

3.6. The User has to notify the Company immediately in case of any unauthorized access to the Service using User's account and / or any violation (suspicions of violation) of the User’s account confidentiality. The Company is not responsible for any data loss or damage, as well as other consequences of any nature, that may occur due to violations of this Agreement.

3.7. Account termination. The company has the right to suspend or delete the User's account as well as restrict access to any account or to certain features of the Service, and remove any content without explanation, including cases of the Agreement violation by the User.

3.8. Account removal.

3.8.1. The user has the right to delete his Service account at any time, or suspend it, if such functionality is available.

3.8.2. The account removal process by the Company is conducted in the following order: The account is suspended for one-month period, during that time, User's access to the account becomes impossible; If, during the above period, the user account will be renewed, access to the account will be fully restored, but any content, uploaded using this account, might be lost; If, during the above period, the user account will not be renewed, all the content, uploaded using this account, will be deleted and login will be available for other users. Since then, the restoration of the account of any information relating to it, as well as access to the Service, using this account, is not possible.


4. Rights of parties


4.1. The Company reserves all rights, except, what is clearly granted to the user in this Agreement.

4.2. The company has the right to publish impersonal statistical data of the Service usage in open media sources.

4.3. The company has the right to perform maintenance jobs at any time and by own decision, during which, the Service will not be available.

4.4. The Company reserves the right to change the look and content of the Service at any time. The company has the right to decide by its own, what features will be included in the Service.

4.5. The company has the right to send informational messages to Service users. By using the Service, in accordance with Part. 1, Art. 18 of the Federal Law "On Advertising", the User gives his agreement to receive promotional messages. The user has the right decline receiving advertising messages, using an appropriate functional service, which sends the advertising messages.

4.6. The company has the right to terminate a user's access to the Service in case of this Agreement violation.

4.7. If a user violates the terms of this Agreement and the Company does not take immediate action, this does not mean the Company declined its rights or the rights of its defense in the future.


5. Responcibility


5.1. Disclaimer, caused by the actions of third parties. The company, under any circumstances, is not liable for violation of intellectual property rights, occurred as a result of data transfers of the content through the Service over the Internet, or allowing the placement of content to third parties or at their direction:

5.1.1. The company did not modify the content after its obtaining, except for changes, made to meet the technology of data transfer process.

5.1.2. The company was not aware about the illegal intellectual property rights usage by the person, who initiated its transmission.

5.1.3. In the case of right holder written application of intellectual property rights violation was received, as a result of the data transfer or content hosting through the Service, Company took necessary and sufficient measures to address the consequences of a violation of intellectual property rights, provided by “Data security” law.

5.1.4. The Company can not and will not control the data in or outside of the network to other parts of the Internet. The transfer of the data mostly depends on the services, offered or controlled by third parties. Sometimes, Internet access of a user depends on such third-party person activities. Although, the Company carries out every reasonable effort to protect the User from such events, the Company can not guarantee that these events will not occur. Therefore, the Company is not liable for any damage, as a result of such events, or any related harm.

5.2. Limitation of Liability. In connection with this Agreement statements, the Company is not liable for any direct, incidental, indirect or consequential losses (including, but not limited to civil matters: profit or loss of business, loss of information, data, intangible assets, business interruption, personal harm, disinformation, restitution), occurs in connection with this Agreement, even if the Company has been warned about the possibility of such damages, or for any loss due to loss of use of the Service features, or arising out of this Agreement.


6. Additional statements


6.1. The statements of this Agreement can be modified by the Company, in a whole or in parts, without any special notice. The updated version of the Agreement becomes effective from the moment of its posting on the Internet at

6.2. If the Company made any changes in the Agreement, which wasn’t agreed by the User, the User is obliged to stop using the Service. Further Service usage means the User acceptance of a new version of the Agreement.

6.3. If any the Agreement’s statement becomes invalid, this will not affect the legitimacy of its other provisions.

6.4. For all other matters, not covered by this Agreement, the parties are guided by the current Russian legislation. If opposite arguments cannot be resolved through negotiations, it shall be referred to the court at the location of the Company.


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Issue date: 25.02.2016